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Art of Skysailing (w/DVD) - Risk Mgmt

Art of Skysailing (w/DVD) - Risk Mgmt

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Risk Management for Hang Gliding and Paragliding

Based on Robertson’s Charts of Reliability (originally published in 1979), The Art of SkySailing Risk Management Notebook is considered by many to be the standard in personal risk management for hang gliding and paragliding pilots. In 2010, Michael Robertson added the Charts of Reliability DVD – the result of 8 years of travel, interviews, graphics production and editing to an updated version of the Notebook. The DVD is nearly 4 hours long and covers all the lectures, including The Wondrous Wind, The Wing, and The Windividual. It also includes almost 25 minutes of bonus material. Together, The Art of Skysailing Notebook and DVD are an excellent resource for students, tool for instructors, and general knowledge/good judgment review for all pilots. After viewing it, Mike Meier of Wills Wing said he was happy to recommend the DVD/Notebook saying “decision making is not part of the game, it’s the whole game!"

11" x 8.5" paperback, 50pp, 2014 ed.  DVD: 4hrs

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