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Cross Country: Gudrun Ochsl, Mike Kung

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The Definitive Guide to Paragliding Acro

If you have any interest in the growing art of paragliding acro (aka aerobatics), you need a copy of Acrobatics in your life. Written, photographed, and produced by the German team of Gudrun Öchsl, Mike Küng, Alexander Meschuh and Michael Nesler, Acrobatics is a 156 page visual extravaganza that tackles paragliding acro instruction head on. Colorfully designed with inspirational images, Acrobatics gives you clear and concise instructions and takes you step-by-step through each maneuver using both written descriptions and motor-driven-photo sequences. Starting with the basics, like Wing-Overs and Full Stalls, the book progresses through every conceivable maneuver to the most difficult configurations like the McTwist and Infinite Tumble. Once you’ve mastered those (!) you can move on to the sections on transitions – Helico to SAT, McTwist to Helico, etc. Acrobatics is a comprehensive resource for all acro pilots and the perfect reference to use in combination with over-the-water training and practice. It even covers topics like training plans, sources of error, psychology, D-bagging and your legal position as an acro pilot. Acrobatics is a must for all budding acro pilots and anyone serious about understanding this exciting offshoot of free flight.

8.5" x 8.75" hardback, 156pp, 2012 ed.

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