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Airspace & Law For Ultralights

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Airspace & Law For Ultralights combines live action, illustrations, 3D motion graphics, narration, and bits of humor to clarify this tough topic. Minutia is covered, of course, but emphasis is reserved for where it matters most: where ultra-lights are likely to fly. Airspace is inherently 3 dimensional and should be presented that way. Airspace & Law for Ultralights includes a number of detailed examples from free flying sites (hang gliding and paragliding), city launches, and even airports. Gain insight on the most challenging aspects of airspace and clear up common misconceptions to cement your understanding. Real life examples and graphics bring clarity like no other source.                             

This is a much needed training video for the entire ultralight community, covering free flyers in the mountains to powered ultralights flying from controlled airports. Airspace and Law for Ultralights strives to make this difficult topic crystal clear and understandable in a concise, enjoyable fashion.

2014 DVD: 126 min - widescreen

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