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Eagles in the Flesh

Eagles in the Flesh

Author: Erik Kaye

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Eagles in the Flesh – A Wild Hang Gliding Adventure, a book written by Erik Kaye, is a nonfiction adventure story about men who become birds: who soar over mountains and jungles and who look upon strange new lands and exotic cultures all while flying like eagles and partying like vultures. This wild hang gliding team pushes extreme to new limits, by dancing among nature's updrafts and getting sucked inside thunder storms, breaking aircraft, and watching life flash before their eyes dangling under an emergency parachute. Travel along and meet the Dinosaurs, Russians, Brazilians, Bikers and the Black Canyon. Encounter car wrecks, bar fights, knife fights, gun play, drug abuse, sex, and death.

"(This book)... is a full throttle naughty narrative of what hang gliding was like in its Golden Era. The ecstasy and agony of the sport where you become a bird at will is poignantly and passionately depicted in the stories that should be made into a movie like Dog Town or The Endless Summer. Great adventure reading." - Rusty Whitley, 40-year pilot.

9.5" x 6.5" paperback, 213pp, 2012 ed.

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